What would truly digital apprenticeships look like?

Come and help us find out at a participatory workshop – 14th June in central London.

This was the question behind one of the co-design challenges that emerged from Jisc’s consultation with its customers towards the end of last year.  Digital apprentice encompasses an approach that  harnesses digital approaches to support the entire apprentice process, from recruitment to qualification, via off-the-job training and end-point assessment.

Through its consultation with universities, colleges, training providers, employers and other interested organisations, Jisc has identified some gaps where its abilities to produce digital solutions that help its customers could make a difference.

Employers, in particular, are not well catered for at this time. They need to know where their apprentices are when they are doing their off-the-job training, and how they are progressing with their studies. Employers may have apprentices from different providers and need to be able to see relevant information in one place, rather than having to access multiple systems.

Jisc is proposing to explore building a tracking, monitoring and reporting dashboard for employers, providers and apprentices using data from the Jisc Learning Records Warehouse and other sources. Earlier posts in this blog have shown some early sketches and thoughts as to what this might look like and what may be involved.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to help design what such a service would look like and how it would function.

Who should attend

We are looking for people in universities, colleges and training providers with responsibility in managing apprentices as well as those who deal with the interface between data and people in relation to apprentices.

We are also interested in engaging with senior leaders in the sector with over-arching responsibility for this agenda.

Sign up for this free workshop here: https://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/what-would-truly-digital-apprenticeships-look-like-14-jun-2017

Read more about the co-design antecedents for this activity


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