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Jisc is interested in hearing from institutions (colleges, universities and private providers) to work with us in piloting the bringing of data from institutional systems into our analytics infrastructure and then presenting that data in meaningful form through some form of dashboard. Through its work in the field of learning analytics, Jisc has a lot of experience in doing just this, so we believe that the process shouldn’t be too daunting.

This strand of activity is concerned with drawing information out of the institutional systems, and processing that through our Learning Data Hub (LDH), analytics processor and rules engine, before presenting in (hopefully) useful form via some sort of dashboard.

At the moment, in respect of Digital Apprenticeships we are looking for institutions who are willing to help us explore the processes involved in getting apprenticeship data from your systems to our LDH. The data we will work with is in two broad categories:

  1. Static data – this is the information about the student/apprentice, the course on which they are studying, etc. We call this UDD Data.
  2. Activity data – this is data drawn from the systems with which the student/apprentice interacts, such a the VLE, attendance monitoring systems, e-portfolios, etc.

We already have some good experience in extracting data from a range of systems, including the market leaders in student record systems, VLEs, and are now starting to explore one of the commonly used apprentice e-portfilio systems.

This diagram shows the core architecture of the Learning Analytics platform that is being leveraged for Digital Apprenticeships:

Screenshot 2018-07-12 17.01.02

Let us know if you want to find out more – there is no obligation and by getting into this now you can help us shape the service to be something that will be useful to you.

Get in touch:

Rob Bristow – Senior co-design manager, Jisc
Tel: 07823 416 493


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