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Apprenticeship requirements

We’re working on ways to improve the apprentice experience by capturing and analysing the many kinds of data that can be collected through the apprenticeship journey. This research is developing alongside our effective learning analytics project. At the core of the learning analytics service is the learning data hub (formerly called the learning records warehouse) … Read more

Entering Alpha

Entering Alpha Following a successful transition meeting last month the Digital Apprentice project has moved from Discovery to Alpha. In the discovery phase we explore new ideas and emerging technology to establish which ideas meet Jisc member’s needs, are technically feasible, fit Jisc’s remit and stand a chance of becoming sustainable services. If an idea … Read more

Workshop Report: What would truly digital apprenticeships look like?

As the discovery phase of the Digital Apprenticeship project continues, we wanted to ensure that the sector had an opportunity to have their say in the ideas we had, as well as provide a fresh opinion on shaping our work. Nearly thirty people from across HE, FE and Skills attended our consultation workshop in London … Read more

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was an apprentice called Little Red Riding Hood. She wanted to be a tree surgeon and was looking at a range of apprenticeships. Her employer, the Woodsman, employed many tree surgeon apprentices across many different forests who were all assessed by various Elven assessors. The Woodsman spent many hours working … Read more

Data Flow Diagram

In the Digital Apprenticeship project we plan to explore whether Jisc can build a tracking, monitoring and reporting system for apprenticeships that provides a provider dashboard, an employer dashboard and an app for apprentices. With any project it is important that all members of the project team have a shared understanding of the technical structure … Read more

Using Drawings

`As we continue to progress through the discovery phase of the Digital Apprenticeship project we have been using a variety of techniques to research and develop our ideas and concepts. One tool I often use is using coloured pens and paper to draw out concept and ideas that can then feed into the discovery process … Read more