Using Drawings

`As we continue to progress through the discovery phase of the Digital Apprenticeship project we have been using a variety of techniques to research and develop our ideas and concepts.

One tool I often use is using coloured pens and paper to draw out concept and ideas that can then feed into the discovery process or further down the line the development of a product or service.

I have a pack of 30 Stabilo coloured pens that I have used to create the following hand drawn concept dashboards.

PRINT01_CPK P1_3516_001

PRINT01_CPK P1_3516_002

PRINT01_CPK P1_3516_003

At this stage they are based on experience and knowledge of existing dashboards, but they do not represent the final look of any dashboard. They are being used the inform the other processes underneath.

They help to stimulate discussion within the team and progress further work.

They can evolve as the research and discussion continues. It will be interesting later to compare these initial drafts with the final product.


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