The apprenticeship toolkit is now live

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The Apprenticeship toolkit shows how effective application of digital technologies can support the planning, design, delivery and assessment of apprenticeships.

The step-by-step toolkit shows the actions to cover at each stage together with potential opportunities and pitfalls.  it also clearly highlights specific examples where technology can be positively exploited.

Apprentices have slightly diff rent needs to other learners, particularly because they are also employees spending most of their time on the job learning.  its important they are not left isolated but feel the benefits of a supportive and inclusive processes in their learning environment.

Technology can play a huge role in improving motivation and keeping them connected to their teachers and peers.

This version of the toolkit is aimed at colleges and training providers (including employer-providers), and organisations delivering end point assessment (EPA) in England, but much of the content has relevance and applicability across nations.

Developed in collaboration with providers and employers we hope you enjoy using the toolkit, and welcome any feedback.

Coming soon……. Degree apprenticeships and Delivering apprenticeships in Wales.  Please keep an eye on this space for further news.


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