Digital Apprenticeships – next steps

Following our successful workshop with representatives from universities, colleges and training providers a couple of weeks ago, we have been looking at what come next. The outcomes from the workshop showed us that we are broadly on track in terms of the kind of solution that we think we can build to help employers keep tabs on their apprentices and their providers, and the interactions between these last two.

Our thinking has turned now to how to build some sort of dashboard that will present the information about apprentices that employers will need. Jisc has some useful experience in dashboards and working with data from multiple sources and has its own a consolidated data source – the Learning Records Warehouse, a key part of the Learning Analytics cluster activity.

We will investigate how we can build a framework to hold “widgets” that can pull information from different sources. One widget may be a feed showing attendance data for apprentices from the college or university, or outcomes of assessment activities, engagement (data from institution VLE, etc) as well as data drawn from the employers’ systems such as health and safety inductions and incidents, leave and other absences and end point assessment (EPA) information.

Mock up of a possible dashboard

Mock up of a possible dashboard

The next steps are to begin to identify the actual widgets and to begin to work through from the user stories that describe the requirements to identifying data sources that will be required to populate them before moving on in time to user interface design and building the dashboard.

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