Draft toolkit for consultation

It seems a long time since we first went to the FE and Skills Coalition meeting last October to scope the development of guidance on effective use of technology for colleges and training providers delivering the new standards. We asked the group their thoughts and issues on the painpoints around the apprenticeship lifecycle for the new apprenticeships, from management to delivery and assessment. We got an interesting and varied set of responses, which provided a very useful starting point for us to understand where technology might offer most benefit around that lifecycle.

The project team drafted visualisations of the end to end lifecycle and consulted with a range of stakeholders including AELP, ETF, apprenticeship providers, employers and assessment organisations. Providers ranged from small to large providers, serving a range of employers from SME’s to large international employers. Some of these providers were at the leading of technology use for one or more aspect of the lifecycle, others were very successful but digital was less of a focus.

The learning from these conversations was invaluable, and helped to shape the content, style and overall navigational structure of the new Jisc apprenticeship journey toolkit. The two main challenges for the toolkit were to firstly present an overall picture of a process that is in an early stage and is still evolving; and to provide meaningful guidance on digital in an engaging format across each and every stage in that journey.

We are very pleased to announce the toolkit is now available from: http://ji.sc/apprentice-journey-v1. We’d like to invite you to explore and feedback on this draft, so that we can better understand how this guidance can work for you as a provider; and importantly where the gaps are in the content to inform our future developments in this space. There is a short feedback form linked from the ‘About the toolkit’ section in the tool, or if you’d rather have a chat with us instead please contact me at lisa.gray@jisc.ac.uk

Please note the toolkit isn’t in its final form as an interactive website (due Summer 2017), for the purposes of consultation this version is presented as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.

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